Types Of Home Appliances Repair

Types Of Home Appliances Repair

There are numerous type of home appliances repair, this depends on the appliance or appliances (as the case may be) the owner is willing to repair. Our home are always equipped with different appliances ranging from air condition to microwave, dish washer, television set and so on. When this appliances breaks down, it is necessary for us to put them back in good shape but the twist about this is that every appliances has its own unique repair\ repairing methodology i.e the type of repair being carried out on your air condition would not be the same as the type of repair being carried out on your pumping machine and vice versa.

Listed below are some various type appliances repair;

AIR CONDITION REPAIR – There are numerous faults related to air condition, while some can easily be done personally by individuals using the appliance, some need the intervention of technical-no-how to get the broken appliance fixed. Some of the repairs being carried out on air condition includes

  1. . Fixing of broken or faulty condenser fan motor.
  2. . Low refrigerant charge or sometimes Refrigerant leak.
  3. . Replacement of bad compressors.

MICROWAVE REPAIR – Just like the air condition, the microwave also has numerous problems of it own, this problems hampers the microwave from working to its full potential when they spring up, this makes the need of repair unavoidable. Some of the problems associated with microwave and the repairs includes;

I. Microwave not heating – This is usually due to a broken door switch most of the times, although components like diode or magnetron can also cause non-heating. When this happens, the door switch, diode or magnetron should be replaced by a licensed, experienced or certified technician.

II. Turntable not spinning – This is another problem microwave users may encounter, this might occur if the turntable is not properly aligned to the turning system or it might be that the motor that the motor of the turning system is the problem. A certified technician is required to fix this problem.

III. Microwave sparking –This can be caused by so many factors like interior paint being chipped out thereby exposing the metal part of the of the appliance, it can also be due to the fact that the stirrer isn’t working as a result of broken stirrer belt thereby making energy concentrate in one area of the microwave leading to sparking . The stirrer can be replaced by an experienced technician.

IV. Broken touchpad- – This makes it highly impossible for you to make cooking or heating selection for your food. It can be replaced by a technician.

V. Microwave door won’t open – This might be due to broken door component like the open lever, door spring or door latch. The door component that might have been broken can be replaced by a technician.

Other home appliances repair includes ;