Appliance Repair Surrey BC

Appliance Repair Surrey BC

Appliance Repair Specialist in Surrey!

Appliance Repair has been not only a job, but a hobby of mine for 30 years! My name is Brian and i’ve been serving the lower mainland since the 70’s.  From White Rock to West Vancouver, there hasnt been a washing machine or refridgerator that has stumped me yet!  Appliances are not cheap and they are built to last…most of the time.  Whether your washing machine is dancing in your basement, or your freezer just doesnt seem to freeze anymore, dont stress out. Call Top-Notch Appliance Repair before you decide to move that appliance oout to the curb – you’d be surprised at some of the quick fixes i’ve come across.

Appliances can be expensive- and especially in this technology age- they are one short circuit away from disaster!  At Top Notch Appliance Repair our technicians attend industry events that keep upto date on the latest appliance models.  Whether its your fridge from the 90’s that seems to be melting your popsicles, or your dryer that doesnt seem to dry anymore, there is always a fix.

Appliance Repair does not need to be expensive! The whole point is that you should be spending well less than what a new appliance would cost. So when you are calling around getting quotes – keep this in mind!  You work hard for your money, and when you invest in appliances such as freezers, washers and stoves – you expect a long lifetime of useage.  Brian from Top-Notch Appliance Repair not only fixes broken appliances, but is an expert in proper installation and activation.

Call Brian today – happily serving Surrey and surrounding areas, he’ll be happy to pop by at your convenience to take a look. Remember – your appliances should be working for you, not stressing you out!



Surrey’s Most Trusted Appliance Repairman