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Welcome to the home of Top Notch Appliance Repair, Surrey’s in-home natural gas and electric appliance repair specialists. Our prompt and courteous service team provides professional installations and stove, machine, fridge repair service for most major brands and always provides service estimates prior to beginning any repair. With a large inventory of parts on hand we are often able to provide immediate repairs, and we always strive for same-day or next-day service based on client need and preference. Home Services In Surrey BC also provides other types of repairs including Appliance, Dishwasher, Stove, Washing Machine, Fridge, Repair and more.

Proudly in the appliance installations & repair business for 30 years, Top Notch Appliance Repair White Rock stands on the expertise of our BCIT trained and BC Government certified technicians. We are so committed to our technicians’ expertise that we have our employees regularly attend major brand training seminars in order to keep up with changes in the field. With a guarantee of on-time service calls and the security of knowing that our service charge always goes towards the price of your repair estimate there is simply no reason not to contact us today and experience the Top Notch appliance repair Surrey BC difference for yourself!

What are the Qualities You Must Look for Before Hiring an Appliance Repair Service?

We all want to run our house smoothly and for that, we need various appliances.

In your daily life appliances are important whether to keep your food fresh in a refrigerator or to keep your clothes clean with a washing machine.

Now, since these appliances provide you their services, it is quite natural that they might need some repairing at some point in their life cycle. When you see that your machines are having trouble performing their tasks you know that you need to look into a quick fix, at a reasonable price. You can opt for washing machine repair Surrey.

For repairing your appliances you will definitely want to have the best appliance repair service in Surrey. How will know that the repair service is better than any other? Here are a few tips which you may consider while deciding about repair service.

    • Availability

You will need an appliance repair service that will fit with your schedule. If you have normal work hours then it might be a bit tough for you to find a technician who will work with you according to your schedule. Therefore you have to find a washing machine repair surrey who offers flexible scheduling, some appliance repair service in Surrey…like Top Notch Appliance Repair!

    • Certifications and licenses

You must always hire an appliance repair service in Langley who is certified and has a proper license for the job they are doing. This will ensure that the technician hired by you is qualified and you are also following all the federal and provincial regulations.

Do not cheap out and go with the Craigslist ad from the guy who learned watching YouTube! For example, just imagine some is performing surgery without any medical license, how do you think it’ll go? It is bound to be a disaster…OK maybe a tad bit dramatic, but it’s the same concept with appliances repair!

    • Customer service

One of the important thing that you must look in a technician is- how are they interact with you and the quality of the service they are providing. If the appliance repair service that you are opting for is good then they will provide you notice about the timings of the servicing before they come and will be punctual. Experienced technicians will also have the required tools, skills, and parts that are necessary.

One of the best appliance repair services in Langley is Top Notch Appliance Repair. They’ve been in the appliance service industry for almost 30 years. They have their proper license and the team is professional and has experience in appliance repairing from BCIT.

If you contact them for any kind of problem with your appliance you can be sure that you have made the right choice. Call Top Notch Appliance Repair White Rock or Langley today.

    • Competitive Pricing

We offer very competitive prices because our experienced technicians are able to quickly diagnose issues and provide machine repairs. In an industry that charges by the hour, our ability to work efficiently and quickly means that you pay less! We work very hard to treat our customers fairly with regard to appliance, dishwasher, washing machine, stove, fridge, appliance repair Surrey BC and pricing, and we always try to do what is in the client’s interest. Whether you’re a homeowner or property manager, we’re the obvious choice for repair work on a budget!

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